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The SMART Recovery Facilitator’s Manual 2nd Edition provides an excellent overview of how to start and run a SMART Recovery group meeting, and also serves as a superb refresher for individuals who have been leading groups for some time.
The Facilitator's Manual also includes chapters on facing challenging situations, developing your skills as a SMART Recovery facilitator, a guide to present SMART Recovery tools to a new group, answers to frequently asked questions during meetings, and more.
The Facilitator's Manual 2nd Edition is designed to be a handy reference resource during your meetings as well.

Please select this if you need to ship to a correctional facility where they do not permit coil bound books. This has no binding and is shrink wrapped.
Please Note: If you are planning to start a new SMART Recovery meeting or become the Facilitator of an existing SMART Recovery meeting you will need to participate in one of the online Distance Training sessions. Distance Training information can be found here: