SMART Recovery Family & Friends Facilitator’s Manual

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This how-to Manual provides information for conducting a SMART Recovery Family & Friends Meeting using a combination of SMART Recovery tools and CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) concepts.
The 144 page Manual contains 14 sections with suggested meeting outlines for exploring a wide range of topics including: Change and Motivation, Positive Communication, Healthy Boundaries, Safety and Support, Coping with Lapses, Disable the Enabling, Trust and Forgiveness – and much more. The Manual is used in conjunction with SMART Recovery FAST Distance Training. Family & Friends Facilitator's Manual is spiral bound.

NOTE: This book is meant to accompany the Family & Friends Facilitator Training course, which can be found and registered for at: Before starting a Family & Friends SMART Recovery meeting, you must complete the facilitator training and register your meeting with the SMART Recovery National Office.