SMART Recovery Handbook, 3rd Edition (NEW COVER)

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Unsure what to do about your addiction-related troubles?

Do urges and situations rapidly un-do your best intentions to change?

Do life's difficulties frustrate you and leave you wanting to escape?

Does it seem like you're missing out on life due to an addiction?

The SMART Recovery Handbook will provide you with a number of tools and ideas to help you toward your ultimate goal of recovery from addictive behaviors.
  • Learn the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program
  • Explore the SMART Recovery Toolbox
  • Learn about SMART Recovery Meetings
  • Learn Practical Strategies to Addiction Recovery

Written in simple, straight-forward language, the SMART Recovery Handbook also offers exercises, techniques and strategies to help you with drinking and substance-abuse addictive behaviors (including smoking) as well as behavioral issues including compulsive gambling or sexual activity, self-harm, and eating disorders.

English 3rd Edition / 94 pages